Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the online market

christmas is around the corner.  your christmas shopping adventures start here.

all items that you see for sale here were designed and created by steph and james, and all proceeds from the sale of these items will be used to support us in our mission trip to burma in january 2009.

to order, click the "email chouette designs" link at the top right of the page, and send us an email with the products you'd like to order.  payment is by money order or direct deposit.  we'll send you the account details when you place your order.  alternatively, if we see you regularly, we can deliver the goods and take payment in cash.  that way you avoid paying postage as well.

happy shopping.

seasons greetings

christmas cards.  all $2 each + 50 cents postage and handling.  buy 3 or more cards, and pay just $1 for postage and handling.  they come with a blank white envelope too.

*** all cards are currently out of stock, but i would be more than happy to make them to order.  just send me an email with which designs you would like (or you can order a random mix), and i will aim to have them made within 5-7 days ***

(L) to (R): snowman 1, snowman 2, snowman 3, snowman 4

one of a kind
(L) to (R): snowglobe, gift

triple trees

o christmas tree
(L) to (R): o christmas tree 1, o christmas tree 2, o christmas tree 3, o christmas tree 4

stuff. and stuffed toys.

pentapus $20 + $4 postage and handling
a pentapus is a octopus-like creature, with only 5 legs.  the fact that it doesn't have 8 legs means that it's not really an octopus.

(L) to (R): "cowboy" pentapus, "cheerful" pentapus, "confused" pentapus, "nerdface" pentapus (SOLD OUT).

sleeping birds $7 large, $6 medium, $5 small + $2 postage and handling
start a family from $16 for 3 birds + $5 postage per family

to order, email me a description of the of the birds you would like, and their position in the photo (eg. yellow pirate bird, back row, 3rd from left).

all birds in this photo are medium birds (pink birdie, pirate birdy and spotty birdy - SOLD OUT)

in this photo, birds at the back are large birds (SOLD OUT), the middle row are medium birds (yellow teary birdie - SOLD OUT) and the ones at the front are small birds.


earrings.  of all shapes and sizes.  postage special: buy 2 or more pairs and pay just $1 for postage for all of them.

sweet and simple $4 + $1 postage and handling

(L) to (R): sweet 1, sweet 2 (SOLD OUT), sweet 3 (SOLD OUT)

(L) to (R): simple 1, simple 2, simple 3 (SOLD OUT)

baubles $6 + $1 postage and handling

(L) to (R): "purple floral" baubles, "bronze" baubles (SOLD OUT), "fireball" baubles (SOLD OUT)

dangles $8 + $1 postage and handling

(L) to (R): "aztec" dangles (SOLD OUT), "pink" dangles (SOLD OUT), "olive" dangles (SOLD OUT)


long zippie - $12 + $2 postage and handling
just the right size for keeping your pens, make up, phone all in one place.

(L) to (R): "green" long zippie (SOLD OUT), "purple" long zippie (SOLD OUT), "brown" long zippie (SOLD OUT)

zippies $9 + $1 postage and handling
all zippies are lined with a contrast fabric and are the perfect size for keeping business cards, small digital cameras, lip gloss...if it's little, it will probably fit.

(L) to (R): "fern" zippie, "balloon" zippie

(L) to (R): "purple spottie" zippie, "black spottie" zippie

(L) to (R): "olive" zippie (SOLD OUT), "orange blossom" zippie (SOLD OUT), "green spottie" zippie